Ladies & Lattes

A monthly social event for senior women in the community to foster relationships with each other over good food and stimulating activities and workshops.


A system for widowed and divorced mothers including tutoring and homework helpers, babysitting, wig wash and sets, and various seasonal events.

Lil’ Leaders

A program focused on investing in our future leaders. We have an array of events and activities that children can participate in to educate them in kindness and community work.

Annual Popup Shop

A collaboration with Al Kanfei Nesharim, hosting a bi annual clothing popup shop before the main holidays for women and teens in financial need. There is a large selection of brand new current clothing and accessories from all the local boutiques. This event is fully sponsored and requires only a small admission fee.

Specialty hospital treatments

Singers, performers , beauty stylists, photographers and or / massage therapists can be sent to hospital or home-bound patients to bring cheer,  joy and comfort .

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Chesed Program

A program to elevate a young boy or girl’s special day and do a chesed with their friends. Some options include packaging special seasonal hospital boxes, toy drives, and craft projects to be distributed to bring cheer.

In memory of Milton Ostreicher ע״ה. Dedicated by his loving children, Eliyahu & Rebecca Berger.

Sister Startup

Incubator for women in the community and / or survivors of tragedy that want to pay it forward and address a communal need. Resources and mentorship will be provided to aid in transforming and executing ideas into a program. The hope with this program is to foster and encourage innovation and leadership within the community, 

Adopt a Bubby

Adopt a Bubby is a program encouraging school age girls to phone the elderly, develop a relationship with them, keep them company and check up on them.

Mental Health Support Group

We offer mental health support groups to individuals as well as their families and carers.
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