Bringing the women of 5 Towns and Far Rockaway together to help those in need.

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Medical bills, interventions, equipment, meals, transportation, visits, hospitality and more. How can we help?

Seniors, single moms, bar/bat mitzvah kids, hospital patients - we've got exciting and uplifting programs for everyone. Join in.

Join our community of kindness. Volunteer.

Bikur Cholim FR & 5T is a sisterhood of women committed to making Far Rockaway and the Five Towns a community built on kindness. We’re constantly innovating programs and services to help individuals and families feel supported and connected.

So whether you’re struggling with health or financial challenges, or just new here, we’re here to make things better with that Bikur Cholim touch.
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"Dear all the young lovely women who give us a wonderful luncheon with a delightful program. THANK YOU ALL! You are so sweet and kind to go out of your way and prepare beautiful dishes that are a feast for the eyes as well as for the tummy and your programs are always great!" R.S.

“ I'm crying, that's so beautiful what you delivered to my door. Thank you for making such a difference. It’s appreciated beyond words.”

“ Thank you so much! This was such an amazing beautiful experience. Like I said, we were just going to make do with what I had and getting my girls dressed for shul was probably going to be a challenging experience. I am so grateful for this pop-up shop!”  

“ Thank you for the special visits and concern for my mom. You make such a difference in her life and she looks forward to each and every one of your visits.”

“My son talks about the chanukah toy drive more than he talks about his birthday! He feels very fortunate to get some express special love” A.B.

 “We are so grateful to the Bikur Cholim and especially to Marilyn and Dov Wolowitz and all the wonderful, dedicated volunteers for being there for us every step of the way while we were going through tremendous tzoros. Whether it involved calls on our behalf to doctors, rides to the hospital, places to stay near the hospital for Shabbos, meals etc there was no end to what they have done for us.”

"I can't tell you how much we appreciated Sunday's event, on so many levels.  First, our kids had such an amazing time.  They were smiling and laughing from start to finish, with my oldest son declaring, "this is the best day ever!!!"  They were in awe of the entertainers ("that guy juggling fire must have practiced a lot..."), loved the food (particularly the cotton candy), and are still playing with their balloon animals.  (And we haven't even opened up the giant toy box yet...)"

"We were blown away by the amazing logistical effort it must have taken to put this together and at the otherworldly dedication of the entertainers and volunteers who spent hours in the cold just to create some joy and laughter for Chai Lifeline's kids. I know your goal was probably more about bringing smiles to the kids' faces than bringing tears to ours, but you achieved both. Thank you so much, and wishing you a Freiluchin Chanuka!"

"We are just writing to express our gratitude for how wonderfully well planned and executed the drive through Chanukah event was in the 5 towns. It was unbelievable how much you guys were able to plan and pack in to that space! A wonderful time was had by all which continued when we got home; warmed up our amazing supper and decorated and baked our delicious donuts, and opened the toy box which had something that was truly desired by each and ever child. It was an absolutely wonderful event."

"Thank you for a wonderful Chanukah event today. It was so well done and organized. It is really amazing that within the COVID reality you found a way to create something so memorable! The gifts, of course, was a major highlight. I will forward you some pics of the kids with their beautiful gifts plus so many extras! They are THRILLED! And so grateful! They were counting down the days till today! Thank you and thank you again!"

"Thank you so much for the wonderful activities and fun that you all worked so hard on to make our chanuka party special!! They loved the donut kits & beanies. The packaged meals were a hit!"

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